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Give to the BLF

There are many opportunities for giving and supporting the new library.


Gifts to the Belmont Library Foundation will be specifically allocated for the new library. You may make cash gifts through PayPal, using your PayPal account or a credit card.


Pledges (for amounts over $1,000) can be payable over a period of tax years. Pledges enable the donor to contribute a larger gift than would be possible to make in any single tax year. Contact us to discuss setting up a pledge.


When a gift of securities is made, the donor receives the full value of the stock as a tax write-off without paying capital gains taxes.  A gift of securities may be made by contacting your broker and giving a written request with delivery instructions to the Belmont Library Foundation.

Matching gifts

Many companies have a matching gift policy that may double a contribution to the BLF made by an employee.  Your company’s human resources department may provide the necessary information and matching gift forms.

Life insurance

The Belmont Library Foundation may be named as the principal beneficiary of your insurance policy or ownership of the policy may be transferred.

If you have questions or would more information, please contact Melissa Lynch, (978) 884-4002.